Health and Medical History of President

Lyndon Johnson

President #36: 1963-1969
Lived 1908-1973
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Health and Medical History of President

Lyndon Johnson

President #36: 1963-1969
Lived 1908-1973
Lived 1908-1973 2023 1776
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War of 1812
Mexican-American War
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Maladies & Conditions  · height · infarct #1 · ER angina · type A personality · daily naps · cholecystectomy · sudden death

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Maladies and Conditions
Johnson was six feet, three and a half inches tall 1a.
infarct #1
Big myocardial infarction (heart attack) in the 1950s. He would probably have been in his 40s. Since that time, was always afraid of being alone 2a.
ER angina
One resident physician at Parkland, who was on his way to the emergency room after Kennedy was brought in on November 22, 1963, later wrote:

As I turned to continue to Trauma Room 1, there was Lyndon Johnson, being ushered into one of the minor-medicine cubicles... His face was ashen, and he was holding his chest. Only recently, he had had a coronary, and I was afraid he was having another heart attack. 3a
type A personality
Type A personality if there ever was one. But Johnson loved it. "I don't have ulcers. I give them!" 4a
daily naps
"Napped every workday as President" 5a (no primary source given).
He was a man who was not afraid to show his healing cholecystectomy scar to the press. Famous political cartoon of scar drawn as a map of Viet Nam.
sudden death
Had sudden unexpected death. He was alone. He was found stretched out on his bed, reaching for the telephone [Califano]
Odds and Ends
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After Presidency
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