Zebra is fake; Dr. is real. These are my interests, mostly related to medicine.   

Find expert doctors Expertscape
Find the world's top experts for any medical problem. Fast. Easy. Free. Objective.
Medical History of American Presidents
The coughs, cancers, and cures of the Presidents. Also: Vice-Presidents, English Royalty, and others.
The Physical Lincoln
The disease that gave Lincoln his height ... and cancer.
A medical Sherlock Holmes journey.
Zebra Cards
Companion to the unique book that catalogs medical surprises.
The Astronaut Almanac
Two beautiful volumes containing the official biography of every NASA astronaut ever selected.
Plateau of Chains
The heart-stopping novel of command and control in nuclear warfare.
Astronauts & Cosmonauts
Hints for becoming one. Their medical histories. Dumb flight surgeon tricks.
Another Digital Day
Intel wasn't thinking of this during their 1998 anniversary celebration.
Mad Cow Calculator
Is eating beef more likely to give you a heart attack or Mad Cow disease?
The Periodic Table of the Hellements
112 things just waiting to give you hell. Perfect for your wall!
Master Bibliography
All the books mentioned on this web site.
(Does not include references from Zebra Cards.)

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  It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more.
-- Robert Falcon Scott, 1912  
last entry in his Antarctic journal