Organ System: Heart

President Heart Condition While In Office?
Andrew Jackson dropsy -
Martin van Buren circulatory failure -
Abraham Lincoln pulsations Yes
James Garfield infarct Yes
Chester Arthur cardiovascular disease Yes
Chester Arthur heart failure -
William Taft hypertension Yes
William Taft atrial fibrillation -
William Taft wearing out -
Woodrow Wilson hypertensive headaches? Yes
Woodrow Wilson pre-stroke Yes
Warren Harding hypertension + diabetes -
Warren Harding suspected heart disease -
Warren Harding signs of heart disease Yes
Warren Harding infarct Yes
Franklin Roosevelt hypertension Yes
Franklin Roosevelt hypertensive cardiomyopathy Yes
Franklin Roosevelt angina during speech? Yes
Harry Truman cardiac asthma Yes
Harry Truman heart failure -
Dwight Eisenhower infarct Yes
Dwight Eisenhower 4 infarcts, 14 arrests -
Dwight Eisenhower balloon pump -
Dwight Eisenhower cardiac decompensation -
Lyndon Johnson infarct #1 -
Lyndon Johnson ER angina -
Lyndon Johnson sudden death -
Gerald Ford dizziness in heat -
Gerald Ford shortness of breath -
Gerald Ford pacemaker, coronary angioplasty -
George Bush atrial fib Yes
William Clinton coronary bypass -
George W. Bush physically fit Yes
George W. Bush syncope Yes
George W. Bush coronary stent -
Donald Trump Coronary artery disease Yes
Joseph Biden Atrial fibrillation Yes

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