Organ System: Trauma

President Trauma Condition While In Office?
Thomas Jefferson arm fracture -
Thomas Jefferson right wrist fracture -
Thomas Jefferson back injury -
Thomas Jefferson wrist and arm fracture -
James Monroe gunshot wound -
James Monroe wrist injury -
Andrew Jackson head and left hand -
Andrew Jackson beanpole -
Andrew Jackson chest bullet -
Andrew Jackson left arm and shoulder -
Andrew Jackson bullet removal Yes
Franklin Pierce horse injury + diarrhea -
Franklin Pierce train accident -
Abraham Lincoln near-drowning -
Abraham Lincoln concussion -
Abraham Lincoln clubbed in head -
Abraham Lincoln axe cut -
Abraham Lincoln frostbitten feet -
Abraham Lincoln domestic violence -
Abraham Lincoln assassination & resuscitation Yes
Ulysses Grant horse fall -
Ulysses Grant ankle injury -
Ulysses Grant horse fall -
Ulysses Grant ankle injury -
Ulysses Grant fall, immobility, embolism -
James Garfield assassination Yes
James Garfield rectal feeding Yes
James Garfield abdominal cramping Yes
James Garfield malpractice Yes
Grover Cleveland leg laceration -
William McKinley assassination Yes
Theodore Roosevelt polo unconsciousness -
Theodore Roosevelt shot at -
Theodore Roosevelt blind in one eye -
William Taft wagon accident -
William Taft bug injures eye Yes
William Taft horse fall Yes
William Taft car accidents Yes
William Taft minor trauma Yes
William Taft car accident -
Herbert Hoover childhood ills -
Herbert Hoover handshake problems Yes
Harry Truman childhood accidents -
Harry Truman car accident -
Harry Truman WW1: horse fall -
Harry Truman bathroom fall -
John Kennedy sports injuries -
John Kennedy coral wound -
John Kennedy head movement Yes
John Kennedy resuscitated? Yes
Richard Nixon 1960 debate -
Gerald Ford weak knees -
Gerald Ford shoulder dislocation -
Ronald Reagan femur fracture -
Ronald Reagan shot Yes
Ronald Reagan chainsaw laceration Yes
Ronald Reagan bleed -
George Bush forehead gash -
William Clinton near drowning -
William Clinton strained knee ligament -
William Clinton torn knee tendon Yes
George W. Bush back surgery -
George W. Bush escape dive -
George W. Bush syncope Yes
George W. Bush Segway fall Yes
George W. Bush bicycle falls Yes
Barack Obama forearm laceration -

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