Health and Medical History of President

John Q. Adams

President #6: 1825-1829
Lived 1767-1848
"Where could death have found him but at the post of duty?" 1a
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Health and Medical History of President

John Q. Adams

President #6: 1825-1829
Lived 1767-1848
Lived 1767-1848 2023 1776
Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Mexican-American War
Civil War
Spanish-American War
World War 1
World War 2
Korean War
Viet Nam War
Desert Storm
Bush's Wars
"Where could death have found him but at the post of duty?" 1a

Maladies & Conditions  · inbred · baldness · snored · stroke · stroke

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Maladies and Conditions
He was the product of a consanguineous union. His father, President John Adams, was the third cousin of his mother, Abigail 2a.
Chrome-dome baldness ran in the family, including Adams OMIM 109200. This can be a sign of carrying a variant of the polyscystic ovary gene 3. Dr. Zebra has not seen evidence that Adams was "abnormally hairy," which is another sign of males carrying the variant gene OMIM 184700.
Reliability of this information is uncertain. 4
Paralytic stroke in 1846, assumed atherosclerotic. Recovered the full use of his body and returned to Congress the following year. "When he walked into the House, slightly tottering, on the morning of February 13, everyone rose spontaneously and applauded." 1b
In 1848, he collapsed on the floor of the House from ?another stroke. He was carried to the Speaker's Room, where two days later he died. 1b
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    Comment: Maps -- in great detail -- the ancestors and descendants of American presidents through Ronald Reagan. They would have had an exhausting time with President Obama's family tree! MORE

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