Joseph Biden: Family History

Family history

Stuttering runs in Biden's family. His brother Frank stutters 1, and his maternal uncle "stuttered, hard" 2a -- all his life -- and was known as "Uncle Boo-Boo" 3.

His brother Frank has had multiple alcohol-related legal run-ins 1.

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    Comment: This book -- an immersive biography of six contenders for the 1988 Presidential election -- is simply tremendous. One thousand pages, and you really don't want it to end. Makes it clear that success or failure in running for President ultimately rests on the personality of the candidate. The victor in this particular campaign, Bush41, was at all times willing to do "what it takes" to win the Presidency. There is no better book to discover what makes people at this level tick.

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    Comment: Essential reading to understand Biden's stuttering.

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