Donald Trump: Physical Exhaustion

Mental and physical exhaustion
"Exhaustion" is the opposite of stamina. It can be physical or mental. Trump's mental stamina is compromised by his sleep habits and, most probably, by his sleep physiology, as discussed in a separate entry.

Trump and his team have exaggerated his physical stamina MORE, not acknowledging the multiple occasions on which he had exceeded his energy reserves, most notably his May 2017 trip to Europe SEE BELOW.

May 2017 brought Trump to physical exhaustion. He was under great political pressure at home, especially after the May 17 appointment of Robert Mueller to lead a special counsel investigation into Trump's activities. The next day Trump left on an 8-day 6-country trip. 1

"A noted homebody, who apart from the White House, seldom sleeps away from Trump properties or dines outside Trump restaurants," Trump flew out from Washington, DC around 2:20 pm on May 18 aboard Air Force 1, on his first international trip as President. Having worked during most of the 12 hour 20 minute flight to Saudi Arabia, sleeping "barley a wink," he landed in Saudi Arabia at 9:42 am local time on May 20 ... just in time for a full day's work. 1

Day 2: "He stifles yawns. His eyes narrow. And ultimately, when he garbles part of his speech [May 21], an aide explains that President Donald Trump is `just an exhausted guy.'" 1 (The garbling was substantial.) After the speech, he cancels an appearance at a Twitter forum in Riyadh 1.

Day 3: Now in Israel, "he was blinking through an appearance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" 1. On short notice Trump cancels a speech at Masada when he learns access must be by cable-car, not by helicopter 3.

Day 8: At the May 27 G7 meeting in Taormina, Sicily, he rode a golfcart 700 yards to a photo-shoot while the other leaders all walked 4 5. (Six years earlier, two of Dr. Zebra's friends, then aged 91 and 86, easily walked the entire length of Taormina.)

May 31: Shortly after midnight Trump makes his famous "covfefe" [sic] gaffe in a tweet, which is quickly deleted 2.

Even into June he appeared to be conserving energy, by driving a golf cart onto the green (a major violation of golf etiquette) to save walking a few feet 6.

Two years later, Trump's status in summer 2019 was described by a sympathizer as: "He's exhausted ... He's very tired. [His opponents] have worn him down." 7

Comment: Although Trump may appear to be high-energy during his brief on-camera moments, it is best remembered that these are but small windows into his true state.

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