Donald Trump: Concocted Heel Spurs

No heel spurs
At the height of the Viet Nam war in 1968, 22-year-old Trump was found medically unfit to be drafted, because of one or more heel spurs. In reality, the heel spurs did not exist. They were fraudlently concocted to evade the draft. Under oath, his personal attorney testified to the ruse in 2019, confirming the previous year's revelations from the daughter of the podiatrist who signed the papers. SEE BELOW

A complete chronology of Trump's draft status is available. MORE

As a college enrollee from 1964-1968 Trump had been protected from the Vietnam War draft. After graduating, he became eligible for the draft on July 9, 1968. Just two months later, he became medically ineligible, on Sept. 17, 1968. MORE

Trump averred in 2016 that "I had a doctor that gave me a letter -- a very strong letter on the heels," continuing that the condition was temporary and that it was "not a big problem, but it was enough of a problem." He did not produce any documentation. 1

Long speculation held that the heel spur diagnosis was a ruse to avoid military service 2. In late 2018 the daughters of a New York podiatrist, Dr. Larry Braunstein, spoke to the New York Times 3:

The doctor's daughters said his role in Mr. Trump's military exemption had long been the subject of discussions among relatives and friends. "It was family lore," said Elysa Braunstein. "It was something we would always discuss."
Dr. Braunstein rented office space from Trump's father, and afterwards received concessions on the rent, according to a podiatry colleague 3.

Speculation turned to fact in early 2019 when Trump's longtime attorney testified as follows, under oath, before Congress and a large television audience:

During the campaign [in 2015-2016] Mr. Trump tasked me to handle the negative press surrounding his medical deferment from the Vietnam draft.

Mr. Trump claimed it was because of a bone spur, but when I asked for medical records, he gave me none and said there was no surgery. He told me not to answer the specific questions by reporters but rather offer simply the fact that he received a medical deferment.

He finished the conversation with the following comment. "You think I'm stupid, I wasn't going to Vietnam" 4.

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