Donald Trump: Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry
As of January 2018, "The President has no partial or any dentures of any kind" 1. This became a question because Trump occasionally slurs words, with some commentators opining that dentures could be a cause.

However, there is no question that Trump has other artificial oral structures. SEE BELOW

  1. The dentist to whom Dr. Zebra showed the gingivitis photo immediately suggested that the patient's lower incisors were false, due to their uniform color and the lack of the translucence found in natural teeth. (The dentist did not know the photo showed Trump.) The visible yellowing near the gumline of these teeth does not rule out this possibility because some false teeth deliberately add yellow near the gumline.
  2. An unnamed dentist on New York's upper east side disclosed, circa 2002, that Trump would come to his office every six months or so complaining that his veneers weren't white enough. The dentist related: "I tell him that if they are too white, they won't look real, but he won't listen. So he picks a shade, and I make them about one-quarter as white as the shade he selects, and he goes away happy." 2
  3. In a lecture, Dr. Larry Rosenthal of New York City claimed to have engineered Trump's smile using 10 porcelain veneers 3.
  4. An Atlanta dentist opines that "it does appear that Donald Trump received a smile makeover with porcelain restorations. That super-bright smile ... is (most likely) not a result of teeth whitening and we agree that Trump's teeth are too white and therefore look fake" 4. To support her position, the dentist helpfully posts photos of Trump smiling over a span of decades. A change in the shape of his teeth is easily noticeable.
  5. Trump as president hailed his recently whitened teeth in April 2017 5a.
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    Comment: This Trump, niece of Donald Trump, is an experienced and well-trained Ph.D. psychologist (see p12).

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