George H.W. Bush: Eye Examination and Glaucoma

mild glaucoma
"An early glaucoma of [the] left eye" was noted during Bush's physical in April 1990. He was started on Betagan eye drops, 1 drop every 12 hours 1a. After re-examination two weeks later by specialists from Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, it was decided to stop the eye drops and to follow him closely SEE BELOW 1b.
Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the President's Eye Examination 1b.
April 25, 1990

President Bush was examined today at Bethesda Naval Hospital by Dr. Harry Quigley of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, and Dr. Richard Brubaker of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, prominent experts on glaucoma.

During the President's last routine physical on April 12, an early glaucoma in his left eye was detected. Extensive visual tests at that time revealed no loss of any aspect of his visual acuity. Betagan eye drops were prescribed, 1 drop every 12 hours.

The examination today was requested by Dr. Burton Lee, the President's personal physician, to confirm the earlier diagnosis and assess the treatment strategy. ``The physical findings were reviewed by the consultants and the diagnosis of exfoliation syndrome was confirmed with slightly increased intraocular pressure noted again in the left eye, one type of early glaucoma,'' Dr. Lee said. ``Extensive testing of the eye, including detailed photographs, once again revealed no abnormalities and no visual loss. It was decided to stop the Betagan eye drops and follow him closely for now, on no treatment.''

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