Theodore Roosevelt: Described by a Poet

deaf in left ear
As a result of the otitis media, he lost his hearing in the left ear 1a 2a.

The poet Edgar Lee Masters vividly described Roosevelt's health in later years SEE BELOW.

The poet Edgar Lee Masters described his last visit with TR 1b:

... He's drest in canvas khaki, flannel shirt.
Laced boots for farming, chopping trees, perhaps;
A stocky frame, curtains of skin on cheeks
Drained slightly of their fat; gash on the neck
Where pus was emptied lately; one eye dim
And growing dimmer; almost blind in that.
And when he walks he rolls a little like
A man whose youth is fading, like a cart
That rolls when springs are old. He is a moose,
Scarred, battered from the hunters, thickets, stones;
Some finest tips of antlers broken off.
And eyes where images of ancient things
Flit back and forth across them keeping still
A certain slumberous indifference
Or wisdom, it may be...

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