Grover Cleveland: Rat Problem

Odds & Ends
There was apparently a rat problem in the White House during Cleveland's second term. SEE BELOW
The White House doorkeeper told this story about Mrs. Cleveland 1a:
She was very fond of canary birds and mocking birds. As I was making my rounds on one occasion near her room, her canary was near the window sill. A great rat had forced his way into the cage, had just killed the poor little canary and was going to have a feast on him, when I arrived in time to make for him. He burst through the door and made his escape, and Mrs. Cleveland was very sorry for it. I took the mocking bird downstairs where I could have my eye on him for fear the rat might return again. Afterwards Mrs. Cleveland had her pet canary stuffed and put in her room.
This occurred during Cleveland's second term in office.
Cited Sources
  1. Pendel, Thomas F. Thirty-Six Years in the White House. Washington: Neale Publishing Company, 1902.
    a  pp.146-147

    Comment: Pendel was door-keeper at the White House from the time of Lincoln to the time of Theodore Roosevelt. Full text is available on-line at It is a rather dry book, and reads as if it were written by an old man.

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