Organ System: Gastrointestinal

President Gastrointestinal Condition While In Office?
George Washington recurrent dysentery -
John Adams diet, heartburn, purging -
Thomas Jefferson dysentery -
Thomas Jefferson rheumatism and constipation -
James Madison chronic cholecystitis -
Andrew Jackson dysentery -
Andrew Jackson diarrhea -
Martin van Buren nervous indigestion Yes
William Harrison ulcer? -
John Tyler dysentery -
James Polk cholera -
Zachary Taylor dysentery -
Zachary Taylor cholera? Yes
Zachary Taylor typhoid? Yes
Franklin Pierce horse injury + diarrhea -
Franklin Pierce decline -
James Buchanan dysentery #1 -
James Buchanan dysentery #2 Yes
Abraham Lincoln constipation -
Abraham Lincoln upset stomach Yes
Ulysses Grant multi-system misery -
James Garfield anal fissure -
James Garfield "weak stomach" -
James Garfield rectal feeding Yes
James Garfield abdominal cramping Yes
Chester Arthur abdominal troubles Yes
Benjamin Harrison food poisoning -
William Taft typhoid fever -
William Taft perineal abscess -
William Taft food poisoning #1 -
William Taft food poisoning #2 -
William Taft heartburn -
William Taft constipation? Yes
William Taft digestive ill -
Warren Harding influenza? Yes
Herbert Hoover gall bladder -
Herbert Hoover intestinal cancer -
Herbert Hoover GI hemorrhage -
Franklin Roosevelt anemia from hemorrhoids Yes
Franklin Roosevelt GI problem Yes
Franklin Roosevelt cholecystitis Yes
Harry Truman intestinal flu Yes
Harry Truman gall bladder -
Harry Truman hernia operation -
Dwight Eisenhower appendectomy -
Dwight Eisenhower Crohn disease Yes
Dwight Eisenhower bowel obstruction Yes
Dwight Eisenhower cholecystectomy -
Dwight Eisenhower intestinal obstructions -
John Kennedy colitis -
John Kennedy steroid complications Yes
John Kennedy celiac disease? -
John Kennedy invasion diarrhea and UTI Yes
Lyndon Johnson cholecystectomy Yes
Gerald Ford unnecessary appendectomy -
Gerald Ford food sensitivities -
James Carter hemorrhoids Yes
Ronald Reagan colon cancer Yes
Ronald Reagan colonic polyps Yes
Ronald Reagan gastroenteritis Yes
Ronald Reagan adhesions -
George Bush bleeding ulcers -
George Bush Japan puke Yes
William Clinton GE reflux Yes
William Clinton rectal bleeding -
George W. Bush appendectomy -
George W. Bush hemorrhoid -
George W. Bush colonic polyps -
George W. Bush colonic polyps Yes
Barack Obama traveler's diarrhea -
Donald Trump Appendectomy -
Donald Trump Unhealthy diet Yes
Joseph Biden Cholecystectomy -
Joseph Biden Diverticulosis + adenoma -
Joseph Biden Gastroesophageal reflux Yes

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