Grover Cleveland: Baby Ruth's Final Illness

diphtheria prophylaxis
Cleveland's 12 year old daughter Ruth developed diphtheria in January 1904. Cleveland and the rest of his family were treated prophylactically with anti-toxin 1a.

There was little that could be done for Ruth, however. Cleveland's diary palpably shows the grief he suffered at her rapid, unexpected death. SEE BELOW Ruth had been a national celebrity since her birth in the White House. The candy bar named after her lives on ("Baby Ruth").

Here are excerpts Cleveland's diary in 1904 1a:
January 2d, Ruth is a little sick with tonsilitis.

January 3rd, Ruth is still sick, but better.

January 6th, Doctor said this morning Ruth had diphtheria ... a trained nurse came at 5:25. Prof. West was here. Dr. treated us all with antitoxin and reported that Ruth was getting on well. Houghton Murray came in the evening and we played cribbage until 12. At 2 o'clock in the night word came ... that Ruth was not so well. Dr. Carnochan came at 2:30 and Dr. Wykoff at 3:30. We had been excluded from Ruth's room, but learned that dear Ruth died before Dr. Wykoff came, probably about 3 o'clock A.M., Jan. 7th.

January 8th, [In a trembling, almost illegible hand] We buried our daughter, Ruth, this morning.

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