Organ System: Psychiatry

President Psychiatry Condition While In Office?
George Washington "gloomy apprehensions" -
John Adams depression -
John Adams somatization Yes
John Adams somatization #2 Yes
John Adams erratic Yes
Thomas Jefferson severe headaches -
Thomas Jefferson depression -
Thomas Jefferson Asperger Syndrome? -
James Madison functional disorders -
James Madison epilepsy? -
Andrew Jackson depression -
Martin van Buren colds, etc. -
Martin van Buren nervous indigestion Yes
William Harrison stress? Yes
Zachary Taylor tired and haggard Yes
Franklin Pierce College character -
Franklin Pierce depression Yes
Franklin Pierce decline -
James Buchanan beaten? Yes
Abraham Lincoln pseudo-depression -
Abraham Lincoln domestic violence -
Abraham Lincoln dentist phobia Yes
Abraham Lincoln Willie's death Yes
Andrew Johnson native intelligence -
Chester Arthur mental changes Yes
Grover Cleveland temper -
Benjamin Harrison breakdown #1 -
Benjamin Harrison breakdown #2 -
Benjamin Harrison breakdown #3? -
Benjamin Harrison wife's death Yes
William McKinley cried in office Yes
Theodore Roosevelt trouble sleeping -
Theodore Roosevelt chief characteristics -
William Taft wife's stroke Yes
William Taft cried in office Yes
Woodrow Wilson sanity? Yes
Warren Harding nervous breakdowns? -
Warren Harding mental inadequacy Yes
Calvin Coolidge depression Yes
Harry Truman stress Yes
Dwight Eisenhower post-infarct mental state Yes
John Kennedy campaign exhaustion -
John Kennedy libido Yes
John Kennedy post-invasion depression Yes
John Kennedy psycho-active poly-pharmacy Yes
Lyndon Johnson type A personality Yes
Richard Nixon psychology Yes
Richard Nixon psychology Yes
Richard Nixon eye blinking Yes
Richard Nixon despondent -
Richard Nixon chronically ill -
Gerald Ford election-loss blues Yes
Gerald Ford facial aging Yes
George Bush eye blinking -
George Bush depression? Yes
George Bush stress Yes
William Clinton counseling Yes
George W. Bush alcohol abuse -
George W. Bush cocaine use -
George W. Bush debate medicine Yes
George W. Bush internet hoaxes Yes
George W. Bush jaw mannerism Yes
Barack Obama drug use -
Donald Trump Physical fears -
Donald Trump "Germaphobe" Yes
Donald Trump Covid-19 and hydroxychloroquine Yes
Donald Trump Personality disorder (introduction) Yes
Donald Trump Personality disorder Yes
Joseph Biden Stutter -

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