Recent Additions

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8/23/23 Ulysses Grant Major revision.
8/23/23 All! New icons. Better mobile layout.
1/24/21 Joseph Biden Added his page.
1/24/21 Woodrow Wilson Expanded run-up to his 1919 stroke.
1/24/21 Franklin Pierce Major revision.
1/24/21 Donald Trump Major revision.
1/10/20 George W. Bush Added his coronary revascularization.
1/10/20 Donald Trump Added his page.
1/10/20 George H. W. Bush Added his death.
3/10/13 George Washington Added mentions of smallpox and tuberculosis in relation to his infertility.
3/10/13 All! Site redesign!
9/1/09 John Kennedy Causal diagram and text now reflect the APS II hypothesis.
3/27/09 Ronald Reagan Added Gromyko bladder anecdote.
1/12/09 Barack Obama Added a page for him.
1/11/09 Presidential succession Added report of a secret algorithm to determine line of succession.
1/11/09 Richard Cheney Added atrial fibrillation and biowarfare sections.
10/29/08 John McCain Review of his medical history.
5/29/08 Ronald Reagan Added chronology of his shooting.
5/29/08 Candidates Added two papers on age and the Presidency, by Herbert L. Abrams, MD.
5/28/08 Ronald Reagan & George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush Added blood types.
5/10/08 Abraham Lincoln Major update, with correction of many errors made by other historians, and two apologies.
12/14/07 Abraham Lincoln Updated and cleaned up.
11/24/07 Abraham Lincoln Announcement of a unifying new diagnosis.
3/24/07 Abraham Lincoln Removed claim that Lincoln was color blind.
3/23/07 Richard Cheney Added pictorial "Ailmap" and Quicktime movie.
3/14/07 Gerald Ford Completed his page.
3/14/07 Richard Nixon Added phlebitis/venous thrombosis/pulmonary embolism history.
3/11/07 John Adams Corrected date of sea voyage; added sea sickness episode.
8/8/06 Franklin Roosevelt Image of anemia lab slip added.
8/8/06 Ronald Reagan & George H.W. Bush Dyed their hair.
7/11/06 Abraham Lincoln Several anecdotes added.
7/8/06 James Garfield Painful feet after being shot. Also added story of how Garfield met Dr. Bliss.
7/8/06 Benjamin Harrison Wife died while he was in office.
7/2/06 James Buchanan Added a couple episodes of gastrointestinal illness.
6/18/06 Richard Cheney Large update of his medical history, including two new pages.
6/10/06 George W. Bush Added text of letters effecting transfer of power to and from the Vice President during 2002 colonoscopy.
6/10/06 Ronald Reagan Added text of letters effecting transfer of power to and from the Vice President during 1985 colon surgery.
4/29/06 John Kennedy Added causal diagram.
4/2/06 John Kennedy Information from Dallek's biography. Still lots more to add!
4/2/06 Theodore Roosevelt Minor updates.
1/15/06 Thomas Jefferson Added substantially complete history.
12/5/05 Store Opened the Dr. Zebra Store.
10/20/05 Woodrow Wilson Added several pre-stroke incidents.
10/20/05 George W. Bush Added discussion of his jaw mannerism.
10/13/05 Taylor Added complete history.
10/11/05 van Buren Added complete history.
10/10/05 George W. Bush Added his account of hearing God. Removed it on 10/17/05 because it appears he was misquoted.
10/9/05 Gerald Ford Added photo of him receiving swine flu immunization.
9/18/05 Richard Cheney Massive, hopefully-complete recounting of his medical history.
9/18/05 William Taft Added atrial fibrillation and hypertension.
8/7/05 Abraham Lincoln Discussion and picture of unusual features of his head and face.
8/7/05 Historical figures A little more about Napoleon, including his height.
8/6/05 Osama bin Laden Re-formatted the page to be much more coherent.
7/15/05 Bill Clinton Added decortication operation, acne rosacea, and results of 2001 physical examination. Restructured discussion of his cardiovascular risk history.
7/12/05 Benjamin Harrison Added complete history.
7/8/05 George W. Bush Added his bicycle falls, Segway fall, mental health hoax, flight physical controversy, dental condition, and snake encounter.
6/17/05 Ronald Reagan Added pages for two dozen (!) of his physicians and surgeons.
6/9/05 Woodrow Wilson Posted close-up photo of his teeth. (Don't let this happen to you!)
6/9/05 William Taft Posted photo taken at his peak weight.
5/31/05 Ronald Reagan Update from two pre-inauguration sources.
5/12/05 Abraham Lincoln Major update.
4/5/05 Osama bin Laden First-hand information about his height and his kidney problem.
3/3/05 All Presidents Expanded resource section to include items not used by Dr. Zebra.
2/20/05 Historical figures Added information about the Shah of Iran's 1979 medical treatment and the possibilities for Alexander the Great's death. Rearranged some of the other entries.
2/17/05 Osama bin Laden Added information supposedly from Central Intelligence Agency.
2/15/05 George W. Bush Added blood relation to Franklin Pierce.
2/15/05 English royalty Updated references.
11/15/04 Mission creep Was Chester Arthur born in the United States or in Canada?
11/15/04 Chester Arthur Full accounting of his medical history.
10/31/04 Franklin Roosevelt Finger clubbing.
10/29/04 George W. Bush Puzzling observations from 2004 Presidential debates.
10/18/04 Jimmy Carter Hemorrhoid world publicity.
9/3/04 William Clinton Expanded history. Coronary bypass.
7/12/04 Grover Cleveland Youthful leg injury. More obesity information.
6/13/04 Ronald Reagan Died in June 2004. Also added: photographic memory, Alzheimer letter, severe 1945 episode of pneumonia, adhesions, vision anecdotes.
4/17/04 Gerald Ford Tongue abscess, stroke, and missed diagnosis in August 2000.
4/17/04 Franklin Roosevelt Possibility of cosmetic surgery while President.
3/7/04 Mission Creep New page.
2/27/04 Special Topics New page.
2/26/04 Succession to Presidency House Resolution 2319 to amend the Presidential Succession Act.
2/26/04 Presidential Doctors Much more complete listing. Each doctor has a web page.
2/26/04 President pages Organ system icons are clickable.
2/16/04 John Kennedy Table of the 37 times he was hospitalized during his life (really!). Chronic prostatitis.
2/15/04 George W. Bush Hemorrhoid. Episode of alcohol intoxication.
1/4/04 Gerald Ford Short recap of current health.
12/16/03 George Washington Bleeding as a "treatment" in final illness. Proposed re-animation. His frozen corpse.
12/16/03 Abraham Lincoln Height. Possible diagnoses to explain his unusual appearance. His mother's death from "milk sickness."
12/15/03 John Adams Full recounting of his health history. Table of his unbelievably extensive psychosomatic symptoms.
12/1/03 George H.W. Bush Major update. Incorporates information from press releases and Presidential papers. Topics: Graves disease, vomiting in Japan, atrial fibrillation, finger surgery, Halcion use, glaucoma.