Organ Systems

Because some of the organ-system icons may be confusing, they are explained below.

Alcohol Martini glass with olive
Anthropometrics Measuring bars next to a person
Atherosclerosis Section of a blood vessel, with a patch of atherosclerosis
Blood A test-tube, half-filled with blood
Cancer Something that starts small and grows larger
Death Tombstone
Doctor Rod and serpent of Aesculapius
Ear Left external ear
Endocrine Thyroid gland sending a message to another gland
Energy Lightning bolt
Eye Right eye
Family history Simple pedigree diagram
Gastrointestinal The large intestine
Hair Hair on the top of the skull, standing on end
Heart Valentine
Infections Person standing in a cloud of bacteria and other infectious agents
Liver Anterior view of liver
Lungs Anterior view of lungs
Miscellaneous Abbreviation for "miscellaneous"
Musculoskeleton Muscle fibers [really poor]
Neurology View of the brain's left side
Oral Smile, showing the top teeth
Psychiatry Greek letter psi
Reproductive Symbols for male and female
Skin Layers of skin, with a hair growing out
Sleep Sleeping person, with eyes closed
Tobacco Smoke rising from a cigarette
Trauma Two crossed swords (hey, I like this one!)
Unknown Question mark
Urologic Kidneys, with ureters leading down to the bladder