Periodic Table of the Senators

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Periodic Table of the Senators

The Periodic Table of the SenatorsTM shows the nuts and bolts of business in the US Senate. (No double-entendre was intended in that statement!)

We can't show you the poster in all of its 11" by 17" glory, because the image is simply too large to download.

But we can show one Senator, illustrating all the information packed into the poster:

Senators are arranged from left to right by, yes, left-vs.-right voting tendency. The Liberalism Quotient (LQ) of the Americans for Democratic Action ( is the basis for the ranking: 100 is most liberal, 0 is least liberal. Seniority is the tie-breaker and the Senators are arranged vertically by seniority.

The coolest feature is how the shading of each Senator's tile reflects the degree to which he or she voted liberally or conservatively in 2003-2004!

The mini-poster contains all these explanations and more.

For anyone working with the Senate, especially newbies, this is a handy, attractive, and fun reference document. A great gift!



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