The 12 Oldest Presidents

Age at
President Inauguration
Significant Medical Events During Term
73Reagan (II)1985Colon cancer (Duke's B), treated surgically with right hemicolectomy.
Benign prostatic enlargement treated with surgery.
Dementia (?).
69Reagan (I)1981Life-threatening hemorrhage after gunshot to chest.
6-month recovery, residual breathless upon exertion.
Hearing aids.
Slippage of previously near-photographic memory.
68Harrison, W1841Died of pneumonia after one month in office.
66Eisenhower (II)1957Stroke, despite taking anti-coagulant medication.
66Jackson (II)1833-nothing-
65Buchanan1857Dysentery, ill for weeks.
Depression as union fractured (?).
64Truman (II)1949-nothing-
64Bush, GHW1989Atrial fibrillation.
Graves disease treated with radiation.
Japanese vomit incident.
Adverse reaction to Halcion (?).
64Taylor1847Died after a 5-day diarrheal illness.
62Roosevelt, F (IV)1945Died after hemorrhage into brain.
Probable malignant melanoma.
Heart failure (hypertensive, congestive), treated with medication.
Anorexia and weight loss, prompting medication changes.
Intentional deception of electorate.
62Monroe (II)1857Near death after seizure; recovered.
62Eisenhower (I)1953Crohn disease of terminal ileum.
Anterior-wall myocardial infarction (heart attack).
Bowel obstruction requiring urgent surgerical operation.