Health of John McCain (2008)

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Open Questions

List of open questions about his health:



stage of melanoma(s) removed from left temple in 2000
Because doctors generally do not recommend extensive neck node dissection for Stage IIA, a number of melanoma experts have said they suspected that Mr. McCain's melanoma was Stage III, which carries a bleaker prognosis. (1) Dr. Connolly told reporters that there was "no crystal ball to predict with certainty" if Mr. McCain's cancer would return, but she put the chance at less than 10 percent at this stage in his life. (1)
surveillance for melanoma recurrence
size of colonic polyps

Neuro-psychiatry and Cardiovascular

intermittent drooping of left eyelid
psychological denial of illness
cognitive function
cardiovascular risk profile
sleep breathing
past alcohol consumption
No statement from the Mayo physicians that they were allowed to speak freely. It is clear they were not. There was no discussion of the AFIP report. If they get all the members of the three centers to converse, then this was not a straightforward case.

patient privacy is integral to Mayo's core value that the needs of the patient come first, and we are releasing this information at the request of Senator McCain. (2)


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